Marketing Magic Will Depend On AI Tools Working Together

As we all know, there are some amazing AI tools out there.

ChatGPT is incredible for copywriting, translating languages, and Chatbot experiences through their API.

Midjourney rocks at photorealistic imagery, which helps us make product images, key visuals, and social ads.

DALL·E 3 is outstanding at more illustrated visuals and incorporating text, which can be a different approach to product images etc.

Photoshop AI allows you to improve and perfect images, and resize almost instantly, which is incredibly helpful in a multi-channel world.

HeyGen is amazing for producing realistic interview videos, dubbing, and personalized videos.

ElevenLabs generates realistic voiceovers and in multiple languages. No more robotic voices.

The list goes on and on.

But, NONE of these tools produce a marketing campaign.

They are the raw ingredients — the magic really happens when a talented chef (or rather, a team of chefs) create an award-winning campaign recipe, which customers fall truly in love with.

A friend recently used the analogy of an orchestra, and I'm obsessed with his idea.

🎶 A violinist becomes an expert in their craft (let's say that's ChatGPT), but they only become valuable when they play in harmony with the trombonist (Midjourney), along with the flutist (Photoshop). Together, in synchrony, all these musicians create a world-class, awe-inspiring orchestra. 🎷

And THAT is where the magic happens.

Chisels alone never transformed us all into sculptors. Pencils didn't make everyone a poet. Sora won't turn us all into filmmakers...

But, teams, who are experts in their craft and specialists in AI, working together in tired and tested workflows... well, now you're cookin'.

Which is exactly what we're trying to do at our new AI-focused agency, Winston.

The good news?

  • Marketing jobs will remain at the center, and it will remain a team effort between everyone.
  • The "recipe" (i.e. how we put the ingredients together) will become more and more important.
  • The raw materials (photo, video, voiceover etc.) will be increasingly easy to produce — lower cost and faster. Therefore, many of the practical limitations that came with making a marketing campaign are being removed.


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