How ChatGPT's Memory Feature Will Save You EVEN More Time

ChatGPT is rolling out a "Memory" feature, which means it will remember things you discuss for future chats. It saves you from having to repeat information and makes future conversations more helpful.

But, it is not widely available yet.

And normally that would stop me from writing an article. But, it feels like a small step up technically and so I'm pretty sure OpenAI will deliver.

Here's some ways it could meaningfully help you with work:

📝 You’ve explained that you prefer meeting notes to have headlines, bullets and action items summarized at the bottom. ChatGPT remembers this and recaps meetings this way.

🗣️It will remember your tone, voice, and format preferences, and automatically apply them to blog post drafts without needing repetition.

📊 For monthly business reviews, you securely upload your data to ChatGPT and it creates your preferred charts with three takeaways each.

And more personal examples:

☕ You’ve told ChatGPT you own a neighborhood coffee shop. When brainstorming messaging for a social post celebrating a new location, ChatGPT knows where to start. 

🎉You mention that you have a toddler and that she loves jellyfish. When you ask ChatGPT to help create her birthday card, it suggests a jellyfish wearing a party hat. 

🍎 As a kindergarten teacher with 25 students, you prefer 50-minute lessons with follow-up activities. ChatGPT remembers this when helping you create lesson plans.


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