Give Your Agency Tough AI Challenges

I mean it. Give them your hardest or most frustrating problems, and I guarantee they'll surprise you with 'aha' moments and unexpected discoveries that lead to groundbreaking new ways of working.

Otherwise, both you and your agency will keep doing the same old, same thing because... it's comfy. And your competitors will get an edge.

And this next bit is really important: AI can't be done in theory — it requires doing. Getting one's hands dirty in order to see where it can practically solve things. One of the biggest challenges with AI adoption right now is that humans struggle to break out of their old patterns. Forcing each other to experiment.


  • Take a moment to think of an upcoming project OR your least favorite aspects of the marketing process. Your 'marketing nightmares'.
  • Rank them in order of value or priority.
  • And then schedule a call with your agency, and task them to solve the one of the items on the list with AI.


    • The boring translation and transcreation of assets.
    • The lengthy and error prone briefing process.
    • An upcoming series of social animations.
    • The QA process of digital and social assets.


      Maybe they "fail" — they don't solve the immediate problem.

      But I promise you that as a team you'll discover amazing new AI tools and features that can be applied to many other projects and problems.

      PLUS, it will ignite a culture of AI thinking — as new projects arise, folks will start to think "can this be solved with AI?".

      And over time, this will snowball — much like compound interest. What you invest now will result in an outsized competitive advantage in the future.


      • There will likely be a cost involved (come'on, it's only fair). But start with small low-cost pilots and take it from there. You don't need to commit to big $$$ projects or audits.
      • Frustration. This is brand new technology, so everyone will need to have patience with regards to the successes and failures. Stay optimistic!

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        The future doesn't wait, and neither should you. Dive into AI with curiosity, optimism, and a dash of patience, and watch as the magic of compound interest transforms your approach to marketing.


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