ChatGPT Helped Us Create a Video Script, and the Client Had Zero Feedback

I can't share the client. But, here's how we did it:

  • Signed up to ChatGPT Teams space, which keeps all information and data shared private. Client confidentially is critical.
  • Prompted ChatGPT with elements of the brief, so it could learn about the product and the key selling points.
  • Plus, we told it the style of video. We even attached a mood-board of imagery.
  • We created 30% of the script to set the tone and vibe (I know, that requires work — but AI is not a silver bullet, and folks need to avoid thinking about it that way).
  • We then asked ChatGPT to write the rest and told it what to focus on.
  • ChatGPT took a first pass and it was awesome — 90% done.
  • We tweaked a few things, and then crucially put it back in to ChatGPT and asked it to evaluate the work. Do not miss this step.
  • Hilariously, ChatGPT called out its own jargon — the response: "The script sometimes borders on jargon with phrases like "your hiring process on hyperdrive." Ensure your target audience will understand and relate to this language."
  • My response? "You wrote that!" 😂
  • Finally, we packaged up the script — calling out the key beats / mini chapters — so that the client had an easy roadmap before even reading.

The Big Benefit?

Because the script was written so fast and approved SO fast, we now have an extra week of design time, which will ensure the film is even better.

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