Workers Spend Too Much Time on Mundane Tasks

According to the WSJ, workers spent an average of 8.8 hours a week reading and writing emails, and 7.5 hours logging meetings. AI has the potential to shorten that — take Zoom's amazing AI summary tool. IT ROCKS — trust me, we've been using it!

Btw — reading, writing, and attending meetings is literally part of the job for most people. So, I don't know why the WSJ phrases it as some distracting, non-work activity. We live in a service and knowledge economy. 😂

Quick recap on my experience with Zoom Companion:

🎙️ Transcribes the meeting audio in real-time

📝 After the meeting AI Companion then creates a summary in the form of “Smart Chapters” (essentially titled paragraphs), identifying who said what, highlighting important topics, and outlining any agreed next steps.

🧠 It appears to be extremely smart when it comes to understanding the context and tone of a conversation and can adapt its summary accordingly. I didn't find that to be the case with some other providers, and feels the most critical!
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