Building an Agency Inspired by "Small Giants"

In the bustling world of advertising, where bigger often means better, we took a route less traveled. Drawing inspiration from the seminal book "Small Giants" by Bo Burlingham, our agency was established with the idea that it's not just size, but the quality of our work, the depth of our relationships, and the passion we bring, which truly defines our success.

Choosing to Be Great Over Big

"Small Giants" profiles companies that chose to be great instead of big. These businesses, rather than focusing on rapid expansion and chasing revenues, prioritized factors like company culture, deep connections with clients, and delivering unmatched quality. Our agency resonated with this philosophy.

Instead of getting lost in the race to dominate the market share, we aimed to dominate in value and impact. We believed that by being a 'small giant', we could maintain a hands-on approach with our clients, cultivate a passionate team, and deliver innovative solutions that bigger agencies might overlook in their quest for scale.

Deep Roots in Relationships

One key takeaway from "Small Giants" is the importance of cultivating deep, meaningful relationships. Our decision to be a 'small giant' meant we could give our clients the kind of attention and personal touch that's rare in the industry today. Each client, regardless of their size, gets a dedicated team, ensuring their vision isn't just another account number but a partnership we're deeply invested in.

Culture Over Numbers

In our agency, culture isn't a buzzword; it's our foundation. Taking cues from the book, we've fostered an environment where creativity thrives, where every member feels valued, and where passion is the currency. This focus ensures that our team doesn't just come to work but comes to make a difference.

Staying Nimble and Innovative

The beauty of being a 'small giant' is our agility. Without the bureaucratic layers of mega-agencies, our teams pivot quickly, experiment fearlessly, and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market. This agility translates to more innovative campaigns for our clients, keeping them ahead of the curve.


Building our agency inspired by "Small Giants" was a conscious decision to prioritize depth over breadth. As Burlingham's book elucidates, size is but one measure of success. We believe in the power of passion, the magic of deep relationships, and the results that a committed, creative team can achieve. In a world obsessed with 'more', we're here to show that sometimes, smaller is mightier.

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