Breaking Barriers: How AI Transforms Accessibility

AI's shaking things up, making everything from movies to learning easier to dive into, no matter your language or learning style.

Dubbing for Different Languages. AI can provide access in multiple languages, and in the same tone of voice as the original actor (here's a couple of examples for Kawai and Dyson). A German friend recently mentioned that he's excited for his kids to hear Disney movies in the voices of the original actors... but in German. 

Audio Descriptions: AI can automate the visual and voiceover process, so that visually impaired folks can digest way more content (this also helps folks on the autism spectrum). No longer is it an expensive effort, which has prevented companies really committing in the past. Here's a quick example for Subaru. Plus, I think we're seeing audio descriptions bubble up in the latest Google ad (which of course we did not make) but image recognition is taking a huge step forward. (also, amazing BTS of the Google ad WITH audio descriptions).

Learning Disabilities and Styles: For folks with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, autism etc., AI can provide a helping hand. An easy example is using ChatGPT to check for spelling, but ChatGPT can also help with comprehension of complex problems or issues. Or, it can help blind folks create content more easily, using ChatGPT's voice function. Voice interfaces are likely to be a new hot topic in 2024.

Democratization of Learning: AI will transform who is a coder, who is a designer, or copywriter. In fact, AI helped my niece create a Shopify website within an hour. She didn't need to code, but it helped her with copy and design, which were big hurdles in her mind. Suddenly, creativity can flourish. Here's her site.

I'm sure I've missed so many other applications and uses. But, hopefully this gets us all thinking and the conversation moving!


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