Beyond Code: How Humanity Takes Center Stage in the AI Era

Imagine a future where empathy is as crucial as coding. Hear me out...

All I am suggesting is that we're on the cusp of a major economic shift, where human skill should be put on the same level as traditional tech capabilities. In some senses, we're shifting up the great Maslow Hierarchy of Needs).

Here's a few quick thoughts:

šŸ¤– With AI's ability to automate coding and data analysis, it gives us the room to focus on the actual user (or customer). Instead of getting bogged down in the depths of code, and potentially sticking ones head in the sand. The consequences of which can be significant ā€” such as products that don't really serve society (*cough* Meta).

šŸŽ“ Therefore, there maybe a shift in educational priorities. Dare I say it, maybe the trend of students flocking to STEM could be challenged by AI ā€” and maybe we need to balance tech education with humanities.

šŸ‘„ To that end, it may be more important than ever to prioritize EQ and interpersonal skills ā€” empathy, communication, and critical thinking as key to the future workforce. In some ways, it is as though we have moved up the enlightenment pyramid.

Ultimately, all I'm highlighting is that human interactions, understanding, and people skills (i.e. humanity) could actually become MORE relevant in an AI-based economy and society.

Matching the dynamic demands of our changing economy.

And yes, I have a humanities degree.


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