AI is not the artist. It's the brush, and we are the painters.

AI is not the artist. It's the brush, and we are the painters. It's our vision, our creative instincts, that turn those AI-generated ideas into gold. 🏆

Which is why this article drove me nuts. 🥜

Why? I tried the same prompts the NY Times used and some of what they said was true. But, if a client asked me to come up with a character for an animated video and their logo was a hedgehog, then the first human thought I'd ALSO have would be "Sonic".

BUT, then I pause. ⏸️ My brain acknowledges that I can't present that back to them. Heck, if I do, Nintendo SHOULD sue me. So I think harder about a unique version of a hedgehog, my brain gathers inputs and I form a NEW character. Still a hedgehog, but an entirely different combination of visual elements.

We don't settle for the first idea that pops up. We dig deeper. That is the DEFINITION of a great creative.

If your AI tool spits out a Sonic clone for a hedgehog request, it's not the AI that's lacking – it's the creative direction. AI is a powerhouse for brainstorming, pulling ideas from a vast universe of concepts. But it's up to us, the creatives, to guide it, to mold those ideas into something unique and brand-specific.

Also, they literally asked Midjourney to "Create an image of Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie, 2019, screenshot from a movie, movie scene". And it did exactly what they asked… now IF the user decides to use it, then they cross a line. Just like a normal human illustrating the same thing.
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